Elite Faction Gaming


News Time!

Alot has happened since our last news update. As you may have noticed the website has changed a bit. We have now dropped Guild Wars 2 from our main pallette of games. We have now added Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn, to our roster. Also we have updated Battlefield 3 to Battlefield 4. More details about the switch can be found on the forums. Also in FFXIV we are looking to get a Days of the Week started there as well. It will take some time but we are also tweaking the website to be more browser friendly!

Days of the week redux

We are looking to focus more on our Days of the week again as not many people are participating/understanding what they are for. I am opening a suggestions forum today for anyone who has some possible focuses during the week that they would like to see the guild do. All submissions will be concidered over the course of the next week.

WvW contest closing

Our WvW Contest Closed With the winners being Alistair Molvo in First Place, Meridian Cyrus in Second Place, Nikolai Slashkough in Third Place and in Fourth Place it was Katherinederoet.

Next Contest Starting

The next has started see the forums for more details. Prizes include a Razer Kraken Pro for first place, 2nd place will get a Sharkoon 1337 Tough mouse pad and $25 gem card and 3rd place will Get 50 gold in game, each prize winner will also get a set of Holographic Dragon Wings. Contest entries will be taken until July 10th.

Next Contest Incoming

The next contest will be in the next two weeks the contest will be a WvW based contest for gaining the most experience look for more details on the forums or on the guild facebook.

Guild Screenshot

We will be holding a guild screenshot in the next few weeks final date tba on the forums please keep an eye out for further details.

Days Of The Week

Every weekday the guild will be doing something different. As we all know Guild Missions are normally Sunday and Monday nights. But what do we do the rest of the week? Well now introducing Temple Tuesdays, WvW Wednesdays, WvW Thursdays, Fractal Fridays and WvW Saturdays. All day each day there will be groups running for these activities to keep people busy. Just ask in guild chat to get in on the action.

Contest Finished

Our last contest came to an end Alfurious Won the first place prize of $50 in gems and Vocalbass won second place which was the first five seasons of "The Guild".Next contest coming soon so keep an eye out on the forums